More Great Comments From You!

Your support has been amazing. We want to thank everyone who has sent in comments on our recent campaign and we want to thank everyone for spreading the interview videos around.

Here’s another link to the CNN video that everyone is talking about, in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

Thank You for being true Americans. The CNN interview wasincredible. God Bless you all. I wish the best for your business andfamilies. It truly is people like you that keep the dream alive.

Just a note of appreciation regarding your AK-47 promotion andyour handling of the interview with the elitist CNN anchorette.

Do you sell Jeeps or Jeep type vehicles. We may want totrade-in our truck for something to pull behind a Class A RV. Thanks,J.Hughes

Saw you on CNN. God bless you. I am sorry to say I just boughta truck but rest assured future vehicles will come from you.. Thanks forsetting CNN straight, Matt in Dallas.

Fantastic!! I loved the way you handled yourself on the newsand what you seid about the family in Florida.Well done.

congratulations on your excellent rebuttal to that Liberalinterviewer on CNNMay God Bless you.

I saw you add on CNN and by GOD you don’t back down from any ofthose liberal pinheads. Good for you and if I needed a truck I wouldcertainly make the drive. Long live the 2nd amend

I saw your cnn interview and god bless you! You are a trueamerican patriot and i support you 100%. I need a cheap cash deal on apickup truck and dont know if you do any cross country auctions. I live inflorida!god bless you!

I’d just like to let you know that if I was a US citizen (awhile away yet, I’m afraid), I’d go out of my way to buy a vehicle fromyou!Anyone who can drive liberals into fits of apocleptic rage is OK with me.Guys, I owe all of you a beer!

Just wanted to say Mark Muellers interview on CNN was great!!I’m not in the market for a vehicle right now, but even though I’m inHouston, Texas I’ll have to give you a shout when i buy my nextvehicle…don’t need another firearm though…maybe some ammo!Keep up the good work of promoting the Second Amend

God Bless you. I am Active Duty Air Force from Missouri. I amcurrently stationed in Tennessee. I just saw your cnn interview on theinternet. Great Job.John

Hello from Mesa, AZ.Excellent interview on CNN! You told it like it is to that Liberal,anti-gun network. Just thought to send

Loved the CNN interview. Great retort about those poor peoplein FL. I don’t need a car but would contact you if I did. If they had ahall for true Americans, you’d be in it.Sid BrumfieldFlorence MS

Mr. Muller.You may be interested to know that your offer has made national news inthe UK.http// wish we could do the same here.Best wishes.Ray Finch

Thank you sir for standing up for our 2nd amend

Thanks for standing up to the cnn moonbat.

I just caught your interview on the CNN via the web.Outstanding. GOD guns guts and pick up trucks.. if only our entire nationwould go back to that. My next diesel truck is coming soon, i will seewhat you have first. Thanks Chad

Mark,Congraulations on your interview with CNN. You were great and told herwhat alot of us feel. If I ever need a truck I am calling you.M Koury

Saw you on FoxNews – you go! We support you and we thank youfor supporting us with your stand on the 2nd Amend

To Whom It May ConcernI saw Mr. Muller on FOX & Friend

This is for everyone call, Email and write your Senators andRepresentatives and tell them No on Any sort of National Health Care andalso No on any Cap and Trade Bill. These bills that they are saying willnot harm us lower class workers or middle class will pay for all of this.For one reason the rich people and upper class all own must of thebusiness and if they have to pay more taxes they will either lay peopleoff or raise prices on all their products. So basically forcing us into a2 great depression and making it impossible for anyone else make it inlife. I am currently going to school and I want to be successfully when Iget done but I am starting to think Obama and everyone else in Congressand the Senate what to keep all of us at the lowest part of the pay scale.America is for people to make themselves better and they are taking thataway. God bless America Please Help Wake up America and Pass this on to asmany people as you can.Keep up the good work guys

Love You!!!! You owned that CNN chick…Thanks for pointingout her bias. Keep up the good work. You should make sure to let yourcustomers know to buy as much ammo as they can…It’s getting scarce. GodBless-Katie Marcell in TX

PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing. The CNN lady was a losecannon and just does not understand. A legal AK-47 really is not anydifferent than my Rem .223 varment rifle. I live in Memphis area, so Iwon’t be buying to many trucks from your place, but if I lived closer Iwould come and visit your place.Dan

Was wondering what your best price was for stock number 9037, asilver 09 Ram 1500 4×4. Thanks.

AMEN! Thank You for standing up for America and against thoseelitist twits at CNN!

I just saw your smackdown of that CNN anchor.I don’t want to buy a car, but God bless you and keep up the good fight.

I live in Rural Northern Calif, I received via email yourpromotion. You are awesome! I don’t care even if it is just a gimmick tosale cars. I feel like driving to Missouri to buy my next car from you.Keep up the small business spirit, and make lots of money, and keeppromoting our rights right to arms.God Bless

Saw your video on CNN. Great job! Hope you sell lots ofvehicles. I just can’t imagine someone doing that out here in PRC(California). If I’m ever stationed in Missouri, I’m coming to see you!-Rob

Hello…I just saw the CNN video with the interview about afree AK-47 w/each vehicle purchase. Tell Mr. Butler to keep on trucking!!!f##k that liberal b#tch, I’m glad to see he stood his ground with her. Weneed more Americans like him. Of course, it won’t get much airplay, butI’m send

Just saw your interview on Youtube! Way to go! It’s niceseeing people actually stating what they believe, and not trying to ridethe fence on every issue.

Loved your CNN interview. Thank you for defend

I saw your interview with that left wing reporter from CNN. Youdid a great job of making her look foolish. I will contact you to purchasemy next vehicle purchase.God bless america and those that are willing to stand up for her.

Hi. I’m Jewish (orthodox) but I really enjoyed your CNNinterview. I wish more good sense country folks would stand their groundagainst the “intelligentsia” who are ruining a great country. I hope yousell a lot of trucks!

I saw the CNN video interview. Wonderful! Thank you!I was born and raised in Unionville, in northern Missouri.Thank you for your support of the 2nd Amend

Mark Muller, Sir,I so much appriciate your attitude and forthright answers to the CNNnutball that interviewed you. I saw the interview on you tube and youhandled her with patience, finesse4 and knowledge. Thatks for standingyour ground on God and our unalienable right (god given)to defend

Thank you, Mr. Muller. What a fantastic interview with thathapless CNN hack.Thanks for standing up for God, Guns and Country!

Yes, you were on the BBC and the host was mocking you theentire time. Thanks for being a total embarrassment to all Americans, asif we needed to confirm to the world again that Americans are all middleaged men compensating for their small penis and daddy-abandonmentcomplexes with ridiculous cars and machine guns, ready to nuke anothernation because someone called their momma fat (and trust me, she alwaysis). It’s because of guys like you that 9-11 happened. Really, I mean it- it’s not the liberal media, it’s not the east or west cost – it’s YOU.YOU are who the whole world hates.

Fabulous response by Mr. Mark Muller to bullying TV reporter.Wish I was that poised. Keep up the good work.

I just heard the BBC coverage of your gun program with thepurchase of a truck. Obviously, the BBC looked for, and found, thebiggest American buffoon they could find, and you entertained everyonewith your f#cked up views
of American’s views on the right for guns. I aman American, and I felt like vomiting from disgust listening to you. Youhave the intellectual swordplay of an anchovy, you are everything that isbad about our country. Shut UP you damned REDNECK FOOL. I hope you don’thave the ability to reproduce!

you are just so f..stupid people, why don’t you just shoot eachother….

Mark,We purchased a car from you a couple of years ago and we will purchase ournext car from you also. I just saw your cnn interview. Way to go!! I betthat reporter was glad when that interview was over. Way to hold yourground. We are all very proud of you. Thanks for sticking up for America!!Garry Kimbrell

I hope your sales go thru the roof. Great on camera interview.We support you and your position. If you have fall out from this, contactme and I’ll help support you.

Dear Mr. MullerI just watched your interview on CNN. That poor anchor was either shakenby your belief in God or your common sense approach to self-defense.Thanks for standing up for what’s right for all of us.Bill Anderson,Glasgow, Kentucky

Good morning—I bought new, a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited,4D/4WD, hard top with 50,500 mi (clean, no dents, never wrecked, nomechanical problems). I am upside down on it by about $3,000. Payoff iscurrently $20,072 with payments of $383/mo. I need to get into an olderused vehicle and get my payments down without signing up for 4-5 years ofpmts. If you can help, what options would you have available? Thanx foryour help, Kelley Caywood (ps–I listen to ManCow everyday &wholeheartedly agree with your gun promotions and political views!!!!)

Hey, I just watched the video of your interview on CNN and Ijust wanted to say ‘attaboy!’ Keep up the good work and stick to your gunsso to speak.

Mr. Muller,Great spot on TV and can only applaud you for your comments. Finally somegood old fashion common sense. Keep up the good work, good luck in yoursales efforts and keep spreading the word.I salute you!An American Patriot.Kevin Worthy

I saw your interview on CNN news.I congratulate you on doing a great job while debating her less than fairattempt to twist the facts. It was obvious she had an agend

Just wanted to send

When I bought my current truck (in 2001), I told my wife thatall I needed now was a shotgun, gun rack and a hunting dog to complete thepackage. If got the dog in Decemeber.While it won’t rattle as many cages, you might consider helping the localASCAP or other dog rescue organization by giving away a shotgun, rack, dogand training classes.By the way, I’d probably blow out the walls of my house with an AK-47. Ithink it was a Bonnie & Clyde movie where the “Feds” put so many holesinto a hideout that the building collapsed. But I’ve taken out a duck ortwo with a thirty-ought-six, and I could do a better job defend

My response to a friend

I want a dark green 3/4 ton p/u,s/boxman trans w/V8.4wd… no power equip (ie p/ p/seats.etc etc )saw yer ad up here in Canada….good stuff,… we need a dealer up herewith balls !

Great interview with FOX! If I did not live 1,500 miles away,(And if I did not have a wife that puts the brakes on my spend

God Bless America & You. If I wasn’t concerned about my jobstability and could afford a new car, I’d buy one from you.Thanks,Deputy Craig Robbins

Just wanted to say “YOU ALL ARE AMAZING” Saw the video withthe news reader and you aced it big time! I wish I lived in MO. Inominate you for King of the World!!! Thanks for speaking up and sayingwhat is truth!!!! With people like you, maybe there is still hope for usafter all. Thanks for taking a stand!!!!

You rocked on cnn(-small letters for a small-minded network).The fact that you really teed-off the cnn reporter because you stuck toyour guns(-pun intend

Mark, I am sure you will not get to read this email with allthe others but you are the MAN! Great interviews and thank you forfighting for our rights and standing up with us gun owners! Keep up thegood work!

We just saw your interview with CNN and it was fantastic! Iwish more people could keep their cool and give intelligent answers likeyour Mike Muller did! Great job!

Just finally saw the CNN interview — great job! Some peoplejust don’t get it (like CNN anchorettes).Keep up the good fight – keep reminding Americans who we are.Good bless you abundantly.Steve & Peggy RuppeMission Viejo, CA.

I just watched your interview with CNN. You handled herquestions very well. Good luck with your promotion.

Just wanted to say that I am so proud of your interview withCNN. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd amend

Mark,Awesome interview with CNN,,,love it.

Great job on CNN Mark. I am a born again Christian and I wishmore people stood up for us as you did. I will pray that you sell morethat the goal of 100 trucks.

Looking for a 2010 F150. Possibility an XLT. A regular cab or asupercab with a 6 and 1/2 foot bed. I need tailgate step, good front seat,and adjustable pedals.don

I heard about your dealership offer on the radio in NorthCarolina. I am actually going to be in Missouri in a few days. I may justdrive out and see yall. God Bless.

I want to applaud the owner of your dealership for having theguts to go on CNN and defend

Excellent bit on CNN, thanks for putting that Godless liberalin her place. Its good to see someone making a stand for law-abidingcitizens. I wish you the best in your business.

Great interview on CNN with Carroll Costello. Wish more peoplewould stand up to the press like you guys did.

Just wanted to say I’m glad and proud there are still people inthe USA that believe in self defense and the second amend

Just wanted to say good for you. Great promotion! As a NRAmember, I fully support our 2nd amend

Great Idea and I’m glad it’s working and as a fellow gunownerfrom Mass were our gunlaws are terrible I say thank you and I hope yousell a lot of trucks-good luck. Bruce

Great sales gimmick. Glad it working for you. Too bad dealersin Grand Rapids, Mi. don’t have the guts for this. Keep up the good work.

God Bless you! Keep up the great work- you are the voice ofreason, when there is so much chaos in this country. you were brillianton cnn(clinton news network).(i hate cnn).continued success

GREAT job on the CNN interview, Mark! Thank you for yourwitness for Jesus, your stand for our constitutional rights and prayingthat you are GREATLY blessed as you continue to stand for our rights andgive God glory in the process!

I,m proud of the way you handled the CNN interview. Too bad CNNdoes not have ant common sense people working for them only idiot liberalsand gays who push their agend

I am the senior editor with Soldier of Fortune magazine. We’dlike to interview Mr. Muller at his convenience regarding his gun giveawaypromotion.

Interesting promotion.If you’re so patriotic, why are you giving away a RUSSIAN commie made gun?I realize that meth is a major problem in lots of areas of rural America.Did it occur to you that half the people buying your trucks to get amachine gun are probably the meth dealers people are trying to protectthemselves against?Just some thoughts.

Mr Muller,Great interview with the CNN liberal. You handled yourself much betterthan I could have done and you got your point(s) across great, withoutletting her drag them down.I wish you all the best. Keep up the Go(o)d work.Sincerely,–James TowleChandler, AZ

Saw your interview off a link from Drudge Report. Thank yousir. It gets very old when people have to tippy toe over topics. Withoutgod we wouldn’t have America. Without guns some of us would have no timeto enjoy America because we’d be meeting god. It made my day hearing aboutyour ad, and you sticking to your guns when pressed on the issue. Thanksfor not apologizing for something that probably only offend

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your calm and saneapproach to the 2nd amend

I live in northern Wisconsin
- wacthed Mark on CNN andappreciated his views – I hope he gets words of encouragement fromthousands of people.I will be in the market for a new cross over vehicle in about 12 months -I am interested in a Cadillac SR-5 – keep me posted -thanks

Keep selling cars and giving away a gun. It’s good to seesomeone has some common sense. I hope you get rich and some how keep thegovernment from taking it all.Good Luck!

Great interview with CNN! Youre a great American. God BlessAmerica and all the best to you and your family.

Saw the CNN interview, That had to be one of the mostimpressive interviews I have every seen anyone do under the circumstances.I a have never sent an email in such a situation but felt compelled toafter wathching Mr. Muller tell it like it is. Thanks for everything yousaid and if I lived in your area I would not do business with anyone else.Exceptional work and thanks’BlakeBusiness owner in Texas

Saw you on CNN. You took the reporter down 1-2-3! By God, if Iwere in MO, you’d be my car dealer for life! Well done!

Just saw your CNN clip. Not sure how I feel about the AK47,however I do know that I feel encouraged to hear you promoting our Godpublicly…Thanks for that…God bless you and God bless America

Hi I would like to speak with someone regarding creditrepair…Thanks.

Regarding the CNN interview–as a 6 time Viper owner in Va (andlawyer)you made me proud. That was a great interview and one for the ages.Terry Bagley

Mr. Muller,Outstanding job sticking up for what you believe in. You obviously thinkwell on your feet and your CNN interview was a beautiful example of anintelligent American standing up to those who would try to paint anyonewith a strong belief in the constitution as a looney to be mocked. While Idon’t personally desire to own an AK-47 I respect the right of others todo so if done in a legal, responsible fashion. I really don’t think theinterviewer was “concerned” that God loving people might be offend

Mr. Mueller,I saw you on Fox however someone just sent me your CNN interview. I am alaw enforcement officer and veteran. Thanks for what you stand for. Thenext truck I buy will be from you. You have my business and I live inNoeth Dakota. Americans need to keep good Americans like you in business.God Bless.John Priddy

Dear Mark,I heard you on the BBC interview, broadcast this morning. CONGRATULATIONS!!!I was so proud to listen to you, proud be an American and even more proudto share your last name !!Very best wishes for a booming business!Gerald Mueller (from the unlikely state of Massachusetts !)

Great idea!Do you own any dealerships in California?

Sir-Just wanted to be one of hundreds asking if you have any concept of whatyou have done to the reputation Americans have around the world. I knowthat now you’re doing your cowboy “damn ‘em all – we’re the best!” idiotact as a defensive response to the criticism, but to hear you on the BBC &know the whole world just listened to some brain-challenged fool’s rant, &they now assume all Americans are equally as daft, makes me want to seeyou tried for treason. (Boy, the picture on the website is proof that youare indeed an idiot.)PLEASE don’t reproduce.

Mark, I saw your interview via the web. Good Job. I would runover there and buy a truck, but there is nothing wrong with my 2003 GMC soI don’t need one. May the Lord bless you as you continue to honor Him.

THANK YOU for standing up to the liberal press! THANK YOU forflustering them with the TRUTH! You guys are fantastic!

Loved the CNN interview on the guns. Read Luke 2236–Jesustold the diciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword if they didn’t haveone! I live in Houston but I might be willing to travel to MO to buy mynext car!

God Bless You! It is amazing how misinformed the state -runmedia really is. She knew less about God than she did about guns. Thanksfor “getting” it. I would love to purchase an automobile from you. I’llput you at the top of my list. How about getting the NRA to attached afree membership. Plenty of us would donate to that. Faith-Family-Firearms

Earlier message had the wrong email address typed in. Thanksagain for the CNN interview. Great! Wanted to be SURE you got the word ofthanks!

To whom it may concern, Just seen your CNN interview and wantedto say thank you as a gun owner. It was great! I am in Tennessee, but Iwould buy all my vehicles from you if I lived in your area. Thanks againfor putting that reporter in her place!


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God Bless you for standing up for Him. Standing up for our 2Arights is one thing, but to turn it to Him so the entire nation hears Hisname was pure genius. HE WILL bless you for your efforts. Thanks againfrom Pennsylvania.

Max,just watched your CNN footage, GREAT job! Finally someone who stood fast,Guns and God in the same sentence, WOW! you get my vote

Saw your CNN Interview. Thank you so much for speaking up.Awesome. Keep up the good work and next time I need a vehicle I willcontact you guys. -Steven BighamUSMC/Retired

Mr Muller, Thank you so very much for standing up for God andthe second admend

Loved your CNN interview, Mark was great! If I lived inMissouri, I would definitely buy a car from you.

I own a small gun shop in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and I wanted topersonally thank you for being “the best damn car dealer in the world” Iwish the dealers in Ohio would follow your lead in up holding our secondamend

Just watched your interview on CNN. Classic! Shame your not inOz!

Love your interviews guys. Thanks for doing the lords work. IfI ever need a new car or truck, I’m driving all the way from southCarolina to get one from you guys.

i heard you on the bbc today and all i can say is that your af##kin scumbag.Dirty f##kin redneck. go dleep with your sister you inbred cunt

Great promotion, way to support the 2nd amend

Please stop. You are part of the problem. Not the solution.

Whoa! This is beyond great! God bless you Sir! I want to fightin your squad! I’m in Texas and I can assure you of our support! Justoutstanding!

Larry you ought to run for president. I watched you on CNN andthat stupid B#$ch. They just don’t get it do they. I wish you sold ToyotasI am getting ready to buy a Tundra made in USA in October and I wouldsurley drive from Alabama to buy from you. I haved a trade but its paidfor. Well all the best to you and consider running for president in 20012.Regards Paul Harland.Green Pond Alabama.

Hi. What maker of AK-47? Thanx!

Just wanted to say I saw a video of the CNN video.I think youhandled the CNN person quite well. Keep it up I love your promotion andwill definitely think of you for one of mt next vehicle purchases, with orwithout promotion,

The AK-47 is a commie gun. Why don’t you give away an Americangun?

I just watched your interview on CNN and I want to say thankyou for defend

Full support for Mark…excellent interview with CNN liberal

God Bless You Guys!

Mr. Muller,I saw you take apart that stupid woman on CNN. When are you going to runfor office? I want to vote for you!!!Proud Vietnam Veteran

Saw the interview with CNN… wonderful & way to go!! Love yourmotto and sent link to family and friend

does the gun offer go to people in florida and ala also

I saw Mark Muller’s interview on CNN supporting his decision togive gun vouchers to his customers. I just wanted to say to Mark thatyour message inspires people around the country. It is better to beprepared than to be a victim. Keep up the good work. There’s a greatdiscussions forum that I first heard about your interview – please feel free to join us and discuss firearms andpolitics. Take care, Matt

I just wanted to sent a quick email to your dealership. Icaught an internet clip of your recent promotion where you are giving awayan AK-47 with each truck purchase. Thank you for shedding light onresponsible firearm ownership in this country. I loved the interview wherethe owned stayed classy, calm and collected while the anchorwomanattempted to invoke emotional responses. I also loved how she went frombeing a teenager 20 years ago… then corrected herself and said 30 yearsago. Haha! Anyway, I can’t afford to buy a vehicle from you but if Icould, I would support you with my dollars. Thank you and God Bless fromIndiana!

Just saw Mark’s interview on TV, I just wanted to say nice jobon that! It’s great that someone like yourself outspeaks and outmaneuversthe media live. We need more people like you! Keep up the good work!

Mark Muller – thank you for your excellent interview on CNN -I take great comfort knowing there are still great Americans like Mr. MarkMuller and I love your promotion! Keep up the good work.

I find your sales tactic (Ak-47 with purchase of atruck)revolting, pathetic and desperate. I read reviews of your”satisfied customers” but no one said anything about their gun. Obviouslyyou are getting some kickback from the manufacturer; maybe you coul putthat info on your website as well. What does any citizen need with anAK-47? Perhaps that’s proof of their virility? I’ll settle for brainsany day.

I saw Mr. Muller interviewed on CNN. I just wanted to say itwas fantastic. He gave great answers and stood for what he believes in.Thank you for speaking well of our God and our country.

Perfect!! Keep up the good work.Also, here’s an idea. See if you can contact Chuck Norris and get him topromo your vehicles in store for a day.Maybe that day you could give away free martial arts lessons.Keep it going. This is a bonanza.

Just wanted to say thanks for standing up to that gal on CNNand coming across as a very intelligent businessman as well as a gunrights advocate. I never watch CNN, but I saw it on youtube. I’m callingtwo friend

Loved the interview on CNN. Keep up the good work!!

Excellent interview on CNN. You are 100% correct. Thanks.

just wanted to say I heard your interview on CNN and I onlywish I lived in MO so I could buy a truck from are a old Vietnam Vet

Really? an American made car, certainly the people that sellthe cars should know that there is no such thing, everything is an importand then top it off with a Russian weapon. Dont you watch Fox Obama isgonna take your guns anyway.

How does the AK promo work? Do used trucks count too?

I appreciate your 2nd Admend

I just want to thank Mr. Muller for standing up for our 2ndamend

Great interview on CNN, it’s good to see honest hard working”real” folks stand for what is right in America. — Tim Haby

i just saw your CNN “interview” on youtube this a.m. while idon’t know how dated it is i just want to thank the gentleman for a jobwell done. More people in a position to do so should tell the truth likehe did.i live in Macon Ga, but if i ever get out that way i’m going to stop byyour store.Thanks again,CT Scott

Great job standing up for our 2nd Ammend

I saw your article on the net. You’ve got the right idea. I’lllet a friend

Just wanted to tell you that we all enjoyed the CNN interview(not a fan of CNN by the way) and IF/WHEN I need a vehicle your dealershipwill get fist chance at my business! All my friend

Hello!I am interested in buying Dodge RAM1500. Stock number is 9100. I want topay with cash on hand. What is a price of that exact car. Do I get AK-47for free? If yes, that is nicee… bang bang

Just saw video of you on CNN defend

Evidently your penis is very small and you’re trying to make upfor it with your big guns. Too bad. It doesn’t work that way Little Dick.

Do you have any Chevy Colorado trucks (new) ? 2009

THANK YOU!!!! Just saw your CNN interview and LOVED it!!! Iwill be praying for G-d’s blessing on you, your families and business!

Hi Max, I heard you on the BBC, way to go!! It’s about time theworld heard there are still proud Americans!!Lance

new truck isn’t in my budget now, perhaps in 12 mo’s.However, heard U on Rusty tonight, & missed the US manufacturer of AK.Could I impose on your’ good nature and ask you to send

I just saw your interview with CNN about giving away a freeAK-47 with a new truck purchase. It is so refreshing to see that there arestill conservative Christian people who value our American freedoms. As aTexas native who lives in Florida, I’m half tempted to drive up toMissouri for my next autombile purchase just to show my support. keep upthe great work!

Hello,I am looking for a used truck. I need something reliable, with a niceappearance. What would you have in models 1995-2001? I would beinterested in 2 or 4 wheel drive, and regular or extend

YOU ROCK! Go God, Guns, Guts and American Pickup Trucks!THANK YOU for standing up for truth and right! (I found ya Keep going strong!!

Just wanted to say great job. Saw you on fox news this morning

Mr. MullerWow you rock man. Ever think about selling goverment for the people by thepeople. If you run for office you will get my vote. You and people likeyou are what makes America Great!! God Bless you and your family.

Mr. MullerI support your freedom of speech- also the The world has become adifferent place to live these days. ammend

Just wanted to say I saw your interview and you should beproud. I’m a retired A.F. Officer, I have a son on L.A.P.D. and son-in-lawL.A. County Sheriff Deputy and thought Max’s answers were really good,especially being extemporaneous. Good job!

Do I have to buy a truck to get the AK-47 or can I buy a car?

Thank you Mark Muller for being a stand-up guy. You did anoutstanding interview on CNN. “Truth, Justice and the American Way” –don’t stop!

As Deputy Sheriff that just saw you CNN interview (e-mailed tome), I can honestly say I wish I had waited to buy my new pickup from you.I would have driven from Nebraska to MO. I’m not an AK fan but do like theway you think. If ever near Beemer, Nebraska and need a place to shoot,let me know. I own a rifle range. Google my name if you want and you’llfind Arcadian Marksmanship Club.Keep it up! Semper Fi, mark

Fantastic Idea!The 2nd Ammend

Keep up the good work! Wonderin if year govnt has oressued oris able to pressure marketing campaigns such as yours, with the GMproducts?

Hello, I saw your clip on You Tube. The “interview” was afiasco hosted by a short-sighted, self-righteous journalist. Neithershould be a factor in journalism. If I lived near you, I would buy atruck from you today.-Marylou PritchardSanta Barbara, CA

I saw your interview on CNN and I want to congratulate you onthe way you handled the media. You had her back peddling so fast. Thankyou for standing up for freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Ihope it translates into more sales than ever.

Just saw the CNN interview. Loved it!! It’s great to see themsquirm a little for once. Good answers to thier stupid questions.MikeFormerly of MissouriNow Texas

LOVE IT!!!!! I live in Nebraska and when it’s time for a newtruck, I will be heading your way. God Bless!

Dear Mr. Muller-You just became my family car dealer. I’ll bein touch. In the meantime I’d love to hear that you decided to run forPresident. – Bob

Hey I heard you on 93x today in
minnesota. I think it’s awsomewhat you are doing with the giving away guns. I’m 24 and if i knewearlier about you giving away ak-47 i would of drove down there and boughtone. I’m a huge hunter and and fisher and NRA member. If you have anyfree ak-47 vouchers laying around let me know lol i would love one justcouldn’t afford one lol. Keep it up and again great deal.

Just was forwarded your website by a friend

Give’em Hell Muller!!! Liberals are pussies!!!

Muller for President 2012!!!

Keep Selling Those Rifles/HandGuns We Love It

Owner –You are a f##king asshole! An AK47?? An asshole!

I just saw the youtube video. Thank you for supporting our GunRights and I wish you the best of luck. Dave CarlNashville, MI.

you f##kers are sick

You guys are the greatest I love everything you said in yourinterview I would be glad to buy my next car or truck from you just forwhat you stand for, the gun would be a great byproduct but I life inCalifornia where we can not own Semi Automatic Rifles. Please let me knowwhere the closest dealership is to southern California

Awesome promotion! Way to keep it American, couldn’t agreewith you more. I wish I needed another car lol.

Dear sir,I am glad that you are telling it the way it is. If the USA had morepatriotic citizens like you, we would be a lot better off. I wish thatour liberal, socialist Congress could be replaced with likemindedAmericans. You make an impressive arguement and with your grasp of yourmessage perhaps you should seek higher office in the US House ofRepresentatives. If you want to trade thoughts with a like minded Americanfrom Georgia, call me anytime.Marc Wetherington 706-766-0480

I just saw the CNN video on the internet and wanted to thankyou for standing up for God and guns. I do wish you would have pointed outthat the AK-47s are not the fully-automatic version of the weapons, sinceI think the anti-gun groups have villianized all “assualt weapons” as ifthey are fully-automatic. I think if I were in the market for a truck, Iwould buy one from you as a thank you. And I own an assault rifle already.;)God bless you,Michael

Just wanted to say that I think what you are doing is GREAT.You have my average american support all the way.

I live in St. Louis and recently saw an interview with CNNabout the “buy a truck get an ak-47″ deal. I just want to let you knowthat the next time I am ready to purchase a vehicle, I will be driving toButler. God bless businesses like yours.

Mark, We had some great founding fathers in the beginning. Weneed more defend

An AK-47? You have to be kidding me. This is one of the mostoffensive things I’ve seen in a while. I’m going to tell as many peopleas I can about this so they never buy a car from you.

Spell check..”THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN MORE THAN A WEEK BEFORE OUR MOST RECENT PROMOTION.We’re fast becoming the Premier Used Car Dealer on the Internet. All ofthis from a small town south of Kansas City. We’re also a new car dealerthat is changing the way people shop for cars online. Wether you’relooking for a new car or a used car, you’ve found the right Car Dealer.”Correct “Wether”.. should be “Whether”.Thanks and take care,Eric T

Way to go! You made that interviewer look like a moron. Iwould come all the way to Missouri to buy a truck from you if I neededone.Russ HuffmanJeffersonville, GA

MarkI just saw your interview with CNN…AWESOME!!!Although I am not a gun owner…I appreciate your stance on the 2ndAmmend

There’s a blog post our there about your AK-47 advertisementthat says you’re selling machine guns. I hope it drives a lot of trafficto your site – the post is incredibly ignorant. I will defend

Just saw a story about you guys giving vouchers for an AK47with every truck purchase. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

I live in St. Louis and recently saw an interview with CNNabout the “buy a truck get an ak-47″ deal. I just want to let you knowthat the next time I am ready to purchase a vehicle, I will be driving toButler. God bless businesses like yours.

Mark, We had some great founding fathers in the beginning. Weneed more defend

An AK-47? You have to be kidding me. This is one of the mostoffensive things I’ve seen in a while. I’m going to tell as many peopleas I can about this so they never buy a car from you.

Spell check..”THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN MORE THAN A WEEK BEFORE OUR MOST RECENT PROMOTION.We’re fast becoming the Premier Used Car Dealer on the Internet. All ofthis from a small town south of Kansas City. We’re also a new car dealerthat is changing the way people shop for cars online. Wether you’relooking for a new car or a used car, you’ve found the right Car Dealer.”Correct “Wether”.. should be “Whether”.Thanks and take care,Eric T

Way to go! You made that interviewer look like a moron. Iwould come all the way to Missouri to buy a truck from you if I neededone.Russ HuffmanJeffersonville, GA

MarkI just saw your interview with CNN…AWESOME!!!Although I am not a gun owner…I appreciate your stance on the 2ndAmmend

There’s a blog post our there about your AK-47 advertisementthat says you’re selling machine guns. I hope it drives a lot of trafficto your site – the post is incredibly ignorant. I will defend

Just saw a story about you guys giving vouchers for an AK47with every truck purchase. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

I saw the CNN interview and I was impressed. I am looking topurchase a diesel crew cab F-450-650 C4500 – 6500. I am looking to createa toy hauler and do not want to spend

Do you have an e mail address I can send

Why are you giving a free Russian assault gun with a made inthe USA Truck and not a M-16 or a Smith and Wesson . I guess you likeoutsourcing jobs to a foreign agency or manufacture. Way to go.

You people are nuts! There is no reason for anyone to have anAK-47. Shame on you, shame, shame. I hope you go out of business

Dear Mark,Thank you for being a true American. There should be more people in thiscountry that aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.God bless.

Thank you for saying what you felt and not candy coating it!The second amend

are u nuts giving away a gun with a car purchase, we dont haveenough killings in our cities now , your are an idiot, and i am going todo everything in my power to stop your stupidity , boycott and destroyyour business, its fools like you that make and destroy people your anasshole

What a guy! More power to you! Wish there were more like youout there, standing up for our freedoms!!! Is your offer only good ontrucks? I need a new car! Stick to your principles! You are muchappreciated around the nation!

I’m not in the market for a vehicle but if I were you guyswould be where I would buy from. Love to see the liberal media get itstuck to them. The lady was speechless on the “Jesus was so powerful hedidn’t need a weapon” line. That thought had never even crossed her mind.Kudos on standing up for your beliefs and not caving in to liberalpressure!

Good for you Mark and greetings from Texas. never written anote like this but after seeing your very solid youtube interview with thecrab lady from CNN had to send

I just want to thank you for putting the CNN reporter in herplace…..she did sound like a complete idiot.

Love the video clip. Muller did a great job handling thatreporter.

Sure wish I could buy a car from YOU!! Loved your interview!Keep up the great work!

Just wanted to express the pride I feel when I hear trueAmerican principles expressed publicly in the manner I witnessed duringthe CNN interview via YouTube. You have won this Texan’s business bysimply being a vocal American through conviction & innovative promotions.Unfortunately, I am not in the market for a vehicle at this time, but, dueto your “God, Guns, Guts & American Trucks” slogan, I cannot possiblyforget your dealership when my buying needs change. Maybe at that timeyour promotion will include a BARRETT .50 cal rifle! Keep up the Ameri

canspirit & I wish you, your families, and your staff all of the best.God Bless America!CC

I just want to say that I loved your interview on putthat info babe in her was awesome..the next vehicle I buy willbe from you..I live in Texas..How long is your AK47 promo going to last?

God Bless You!THANK YOU for showing some sanity and composure in these incredible times- AND for the great promos!PLEASE visit this link, listen to the brief audio, and consider trying outour “alternative media” site.We are patriot owned and operated.You can promote your dealership and post the publicity videos where theywill be spread over hundreds to thousands of websites by other patriots.IF you want to participate in the “income” aspect of the site, it willcost you $6 a month, for a minimum of 40,000 impressions of your links…I would be HONORED to sponsor you into our site.I will pay for your first month, and set you up with advertising credits.Thanks for considering my proposal…Kathy Mac Donaldaka “Torqued”(performing as site admin under the ID “MakesDollars”http// info http//

Just watched your CNN interview on UTube. Thanks! A reallygreat job in supporting the 2nd Amend

I am looking for a 2010 F150. Possibility an XLT.I need one with a good driver seat, a tail gate step, and gas and brakepedels that adjust. Could be a regular cab or a supercab with a 6 and 1/2foot bed. this is my second attempt to contact you by e-mail. Do you haveany and what the price.don.

GREAT interview on CNN! Keep up the good work.

To Mark Muller and the gang. I probably wont buy my next carfrom you since I’m the GM here at jenkins Motors in Union City, Tn wereI’ve been for 25 years, but I had to respond to your ads and especiallyyour latest interview with CNN. My hats off to you buddy, when more peoplein the USA start thinking like you and myself about guns and protection,we will have a better place to live. I have carried a 9mm with me for along time now and my wife has always had second thoughts about it untilDec 08 when we were broken into and robbed while we were not at home. Nowher and my daughter have gotten their gun permits and now carry a gunalso. I only wished I had been home when the broke in. One less burglarand junkie. Keep up the good work and us country boys in Tn are with you100%. what we need is more news coverage where some low life sob brokeinto a home and then was shot to death. Bring back Charles Bronsonvigilanty days

I am a former police officer from Lee’s Summit, MO, and I justsaw your interview on CNN regarding yur promotion. I am just writing thisto say thank you for what you are doing and your stand. As a policeofficer, I encourage private citizens to arm themselves with whatevernecessary through proper channels. I hope and pray your company thrivesand your devotion to God and the Constitution remain in tact. Thank you.

I love your promotion. I just bought a new Escape last yearbut I will certainly see you when I buy my next vehicle. Let me know whenyou are giving away an M-14. I was very good with this rifle.

Great job on CNN, I will buyu next vehicle from you.

Have ’99 GMC Yukon 4X$ with 167K miles – good condition, newbrakes, hoses, pluigs, and tires – looking for equivalent size withbettere enough mileage to qualify for $4500 Federal Rebate (I would keepthe tires). What’s available (that would also include the AK-47)?

Mark – Just a word to compliment you on standing up to thetalking heads. Great motto!I’m in FL, a little far to do a trade.

where do I take the voucher to after I buy a vehicle to get theAK-47?

Just wanted to say I enjoyed the way you handled the CNNinterview. God Bless America

Mark,We just watched your interview with Communist CNN and LOVED IT! We aleadyhave our own bumper stickers that say “GOD GUNS & GUTS” and we live in SanDiego, Ca./Mexifornia so we love your motto and when we buy a new truck wewill make a trip to MO. to buy our next truck from you!!!God Bless and keep up the fight for American and our Guns!!

Saw your interview with the CNN lady on and wayto go. You couldn’t have said it better than that. I live in Idaho andwill give you a call when buying a new truck.

thank you ,very good job

I stand behind you fully. I’am a single mother and believe weall have the right to bear arms! Keep up the good work for us good upstanding AMERICAN PEOPLE.

I loved your CNN interview. This was one of the most articulateinterviews I’ve seen regarding the second amend

Saw the comment on the tube on God and Guns. Keep up the goodwork. Next truck I buy, I’m coming down from Iowa and buying it from you.

well I’ll tell ya what, if I was in the market for a new carI’d make the drive to Mo. and buy one from you. I saw the interview onUtube, you handled the anti gun gal very well.

I saw your CNN interviewThere isn’t a god, dude. At all. What’s the last pro-science book you’veread? Oh, you mean none? I’ll give you 3 suggestionsThe Demon-Haunted World Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagangod is not great by Christopher HitchensThe God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Don’t be dumb. You’re a new specieson a 4.6 billion year old planet made up of COMMON materials. COMMON, notrare. The iron in your blood can be traced back to the stars.

Mark – you did an incredibly GREAT job putting that CNN libtardin her place. And, you did a fine job supporting the 2nd Amend

Fantastic Job promoting our Constitutional rights!!AS an American, we need more people to stand up for our rights! You aredoing that! Take a bow, you deserve it!!

please take your ak47 and stick it some place, i would notpurchase from any one that pushes guns, its your gun keep it at your home.

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