2009 Ford Mustang

A popular topic in the mustang world is the 2009 Ford Mustang Redesign. The latest reports indicate that this redesign will actually be released for the 2010 model year. While all of the details are not out about this 2009 Mustang, some things are fairly clear.

First, the 2009 Mustang redesign will still be based on the current mustang platform. The 2009 Mustang changes are analogous to the 1999 “New Edge” design over the SN/95 models that were available from 94-98. While the basic platform will not be changing, the 2009 mustang exterior is expected to be more muscular with pronounced rear flanks and lines. Some advancements such as projector headlights and more aero-dynamic front and rear fascias are likely to be included in the 2009 mustang redesign efforts as well. Some modernization of the still heavily retro-themed car should make it a strong competitor for the new Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro models coming out around the same time.

Illustration of what the 2009 Ford Mustang may look like.

New engines are coming for the 2009 Mustang! Displacement on Demand technology will allow larger engines to conserve fuel while cruising by shutting down 4 cylinders. Furthermore, advancements in the Hurricane engine program offer the promising prospect of a larger 5.8 or 6.2L engine to be fitted in the 2009 Mustang Redesign. Naturally aspirated 3 or 4 valve variants with 5.0 or 5.4L of displacement could also make their way into future mustangs. Some enthusiasts speculate the return of the 03/04 cobra motor into the newer body style but Ford hasn’t given any indication that this is likely. The 2009 Mustang engine lineup may yet including the rev-friendly 265hp 3.5L DOHC V6 to replace the current 210hp 4.0L SOHC setups. In any case, Ford will be doing its part to continue development of engines that are more fuel efficient without compromising power.

While the IRS in “New Edge” mustangs was met with lukewarm response due to sloppy performance, technology exchanges with Ford Australia may bring a superior IRS into the 2009 Mustang redesign. Many mustang followers would like to see reduced weight and body roll factored into the 2009 Mustang redesign efforts as well.

Ford seems to be interested in retractable hard-tops for the 2009 Mustang. The addition of a retractable hard-top may appeal to some consumers who aren’t keen on the soft-top look but still want the open air of a convertible. Questions of how this would compromise trunk space and/or rear-seat room still linger however; and it’s still up in the air as to whether this technology is suited for the Mustang market. There have been some concept drawings of T-Top and Targa Top 2009 Mustangs floating around of the net as well.

The interior of the 2009 Mustang redesign will probably feature better ergonomics and less of the hard cheap-feeling plastics in the current models. While the S197 models had a precision fit and finish, it lacked the curves of the SN-95 Mustangs in favor of the retro-inspired straight lines. The elimination of the “my-color” technology in the 2009 Mustang follows from licensing costs which proved to be too great for a feature that many deemed unnecessary and some even called “gimmicky”.

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